Simplifying access to communication

Enterprises breaking down communication barriers using Toku APIs



  • Licensed operator in Singapore with the largest range of virtual numbers in the country;
  • Quickly deploy virtual numbers for temporary, short-term or long-term usage; and,
  • Implement as direct contact points or as bridges to other numbers.

Identity Segregation

Use phone numbers as identification tools to segregate users and roles across the enterprise.

Anonymous Communications

Virtual numbers enable organisations to create temporary, anonymised communications for service delivery.

Multiple Geographies

Easily establish local phone numbers across global locations. Virtual numbers enable enterprises to affordably create a worldwide communications footprint.

IoT Communications

Support dedicated connections to Internet of Things devices. Virtual numbers can be used as connectors to different IDs and separate networks.

Use Cases

Ride-hailing and delivery service apps like Grab and Gojek take customer engagement very seriously. That’s why they rely on Toku’s services to establish robust communication channels that ensure their user-base can reliably contact them without fail.
Keeping it secure and private
Our virtual numbers enable Grab to easily set up secure and temporary channels for customer communications via a third party. These secure and private channels allow Grab drivers and customers to interact without the need to divulge private phone numbers.
Dedicated customer connections
Powerful routing and phone APIs empower companies to use our technology to create customer contact numbers. Gojek, an Indonesian-based ride-hailing solution, uses our virtual number infrastructure to enable customers to call a dedicated service hotline connected to a BPO contact centre.



  • Toku’s SMS API empowers enterprises to leverage the ubiquity of SMS messaging as a powerful marketing tool that can drive communications across a range of customer profiles;
  • SMS messaging is the most universal communications medium, particularly in Southeast Asia — home of two countries with the highest texting rates in the world (Philippines and Indonesia); and,
  •  With 98% of text messages likely read by the end of each day—and 90% read within 3 minutes—SMS messaging offers an opportunity for companies to tap into a highly receptive audience with instant communications.

Robust Customer Engagement

Comprehensive messaging capabilities via SMS. Scheduled and automated messaging drives marketing and engagement initiatives to your customer base.

Customer Detail Confirmation

Use our SMS gateway API to retrieve customer numbers and confirm details before spending resources on marketing campaigns.

Text to Speech Conversion

Maintain communications using the SMS APIs Text to Speech conversion capabilities. Automatically convert undelivered text messages to speech and deliver the content through voice channels.

Multi-message Type Support

Our A2P SMS API supports real engagement with your customer base via a variety of message types. Easily send transactional, contextual or operational messages to customers.

Use Cases

IoT specialist UnaBiz and mobile food ordering app Waitrr both turned to Toku for their SMS-related business requirements. Our API-powered SMS and authentication solutions enable both organisations to automate aspects of their workflows while ensuring continued customer engagement.
Triggered SMS Notifications
From location tracking to aircraft parts production, UnaBiz is a world leader in the manufacture of IoT products. The company uses our SMS API to automatically send notifications each time a sensor or smart button is activated, facilitating real-time connections between customer and device.
Messaging-based Authentication
This mobile food ordering and payments solution relies 100% on mobile technology to simplify the food ordering process. Thanks to Toku’s two-factor authentication API, all new Waitrr customers can securely and easily register a new account using their device of choice.



  • Toku’s range of Voice APIs empower enterprises to dramatically improve accessibility for customers, no matter where they are in the world;
  • All features can be implemented directly via APIs; there is no need to invest in any on-premise telephony infrastructure. Being cloud-based, enterprises only pay for what is used — there are no hidden costs; and,
  • Toku’s Voice APIs seamlessly integrate with existing management platforms, such as Salesforce.

Call Forwarding & Callback

Easily forward incoming calls to any other number and define exceptions as needed. Use the APIs callback feature for customers in markets without an access number.

Compliance Friendly

Our Voice APIs support the automatic or on-demand recording of conversations, enabling your business to comply with both internal and external regulatory requirements.

Global Connectivity

Easily extend corporate presence to any location around the world. Our extensive routing system supports connectivity across multiple channels, such as in-app, via IP, mobile and landline. With Toku, you can establish a presence in global markets at minimal cost.

Call-handling Automation via IVR

Improve engagement efficiently by integrating our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features directly within your website or solution. Engage outside business hours, and route calls to departments without the need for any telephonic infrastructure.