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The Toku App includes a WebRTC URL that serves as a global identity.

Create a Global Identity

With Toku, you choose a unique URL attached to your Toku account so you can be contacted from any digital platform with just one click. The IP calls will then be routed to the device(s) and phone number(s) of your choice. Be the future today and get your Toku URL!

One Toku App to rule them all

Having multiple phone numbers is hard to manage, especially for frequent travellers. Who remembers them anyway? With Toku's call forwarding feature, you can link two numbers to your account and update them whenever you like. All you need is one Toku app to stay connected wherever you are!

Toku App's Call Forwarding Feature.
Toku App's different modes for international calls.

Automated call methods

With Toku, you can rely on an advanced algorithm to select the most cost effective type of call. Taking both your connectivity state and that of your recipient into account it will choose between a Free Call, a Call Out, a Call Back or a Call Through. Saving yourself both money and brain power!

Get a virtual number

The App allows you to easily buy a Singaporean number (+65) without an extra SIM card. *Manage multiple identities and get up to 5 numbers to sell, work or play! *Stay reachable on your Home number when you travel. *Enjoy a presence in Singapore as if you were there. Get a disposable number on Toku now. It is cheap, easy and secure!

Toku App's Number Leasing Feature.
Toku App's Stealth Mode Feature.

Keep your identity secret

You're paranoid about privacy and security? Your friends call you the talker stalker and ignore your calls? You're famous and don't want to reveal your personal number? Whatever the reason, Toku's Stealth Mode feature can hide your Caller ID and keep you anonymous.

Intuitive Call Forwarding (IP to Phone)
Virtual Numbers
Stealth mode
Direct dialing for all connection methods
Manual connection method switch
One-click Calling URL as Account Name
Be Free. Keep Moving, Stay Connected.
Free Call (IP to IP)
Call Out (IP to Phone)
Call Back (Phone to Phone)
Call Through (Phone to Phone)
Best connection method by default

Pretty sweet right? Don't wait and download the Beta Android version today!

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