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Increase your coverage with high interoperability

Get virtual phone numbers with Toku World

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As a VOIP Phone & SIP service provider, Toku Carrier manages the largest range of virtual numbers in Singapore and can access direct provisioning for both voice and text-enabled numbers in multiple countries worldwide. Our offer is custom made with flexible pricing terms and scalable leasing packages to easily allocate individual numbers or complete 1000 number ranges that suit your needs.

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Access our top-notch origination, routing and termination services via SIP (Voice) or SMPP (SMS). Toku Carrier serves wholesale and enterprise customers that are looking to expand their international reach via a modern and highly performant network.

Gain access to Toku Carrier via SIP (Voice) and SMPP (Text)
Toku Carrier provides value added services

Go Beyond Communications

Toku Carrier is more than a reliable source for numbers and a competitive Voice/SMS hubbing platform. We also provide:

  • Automatic codec conversion (or transcoding)
  • Anti-fraud protection
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Advanced reporting

Why Toku Carrier?

Toku Carrier ensures performant routing based on LCR, QoS and capacity.

Dynamic Signaling

Continuous QoS analysis allows the system to detect and predict voice call performance and take action to ensure quality and reliability.

Toku Carrier can serve as a WebRTC gateway

WebRTC Gateway

Compatible with any client that complies with WebRTC standards.

Toku Carrier ensures a high interoperability between PSTN and SIP communications as well as between different codecs through automatic transcoding.

High Interoperability

Advanced media transcoding between OPUS, AMR, SILK and legacy codecs.

Neutral environment for business

Neutral Environment

Our HQ and Data Centers are located in Singapore.

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