Go fully virtual
with a Level 3 number (+653)
  • * A proof of address overseas is accepted
Keep calm
with a Level 6 number (+656)
  • * A proof of address in Singapore is required

(All the rates are in USD)

Minimum order of 5 numbers

Number porting is available on-demand for Level 6 numbers


Make calls to Singapore
From your own Singaporean number for
Make calls to Singapore
From an overseas number for
Receive calls
On your Singaporean numbers for

(All the rates are in USD)

Flat fee to all mobile and landlines in Singapore

True per second billing

Real number presentation



Call recording
Call storage
$0.0005/min per month
Text to Speech

(All the rates are in USD)




Send and receive messages
to and from any Singaporean number for

(All the rates are in USD)

National mobile numbers are available on-demand

Elastic Capacity

Manage and control the allocated channels to define precisely how many simultaneous communications can be handled by your numbers or choose to rely on our automated capacity allocation.

Comprehensive Pricing

Toku's rates are defined in a very granular way and we maintain a pay per use approach that enables you to grow at your own pace. Enjoy discounts based on volume as well as traffic type and set expenditure limits to stay within budget.

Reliable Support

Our engineering team is available 24/7 to meet the needs of our global customers and you will receive clear service level engagements that are linked to your contract type. Upgrade and escalation is possible at any time.

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