Build what you need, no more, no less…

Start structuring your call flows without any on-premise telephony infrastructure. You can subscribe and connect to all the modules your business requires without commitments or upfront investments.  The goal is to leverage on Toku’s powerful back-end and to only pay what you use.

Global Connectivity

Reach any chosen destination with the best available quality and cost. From free In-App and IP calls to mobile and landline calls. Build bridges across networks and borders with Toku's routing system.

Call Forwarding

Program incoming calls to be redirected to the phone number(s) and device(s) of your choice with a few clicks. Configure contextual and operational exceptions to optimize the use of your resources.

Call Back

Save time and costs with our call back capacity. You will avoid virtual queues and remove communication barriers for customers located in markets where you have no access number.

Call Recording

Record, store and retrieve on-demand all your sensitive communications in order to comply with internal knowledge management policies or with industry specific regulations.

IVR & Voice Mail

Improve & automate your customer facing processes by including our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capability in your application or website. Don't miss anything and add voice mails to absorb traffic peaks and communications outside office hours

Text to Speech

Enable your business applications and websites to convert any text file into speech and start notifying customers with voice calls instead of SMS.

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